Reilly Architectural is an architect and builder's best choice for a project requiring custom hardwood or metal windows and doors + we install! Not many window and door companies will be available to install but we insist on it. Scale challenges, early planning integration, and automation are almost common place at Reilly’s engineering studio. The custom nature of these efforts makes installation a necessity and we know, from experience, installation can be as important as the quality of the windows themselves.

Wood. Metal. Automation… Installed.

Today's creative and engineering challenges can be “over the top" but we love a good challenge. We’ve actually set records for glass span in the industry and even broke our own. In fact, witnessing and actually being part of this innovation for over 25 years has inspired us to recently change our name from Reilly Windows & Doors to Reilly Architectural.

Company History

In 1981 Michael Reilly rented a large, unused chicken coop from a farmer in Bridgehampton, New York and spent four weeks wielding shovel and pitch fork to create his first custom millwork and cabinetry shop. He had forsaken a career as an architect in favor of sawdust and the satisfaction of building things with his own hands.

That was many shops and a mountain of sawdust ago. Now operating out of converted airplane hangars in Calverton, New York with over 200 employees, the dedication and passion that moved him to build his first project thirty years ago remains a key component of Reilly success today. State-of-the-art technology along with the skilled eyes and careful hands of master craftsmen remain the company’s lifeblood and empower Reilly Architectural to produce the highest quality windows, doors, screens shutters, millwork and cabinetry available anywhere in the world.

From the very beginning, the company’s fine reputation and breadth of offerings has grown due to the beauty and superiority of the final product, a fact that has become a hallmark and source of tremendous pride. The outcome of that commitment to excellence is the fulfillment of the discerning customer’s vision.