A Reputation Built on Hardwood Windows.

Reilly earned it’s reputation with their custom hardwood windows and doors. Sturdy modern statements to detailed classical restorations. We’ve, pretty much seen it all – so far. Wood offers the most design diversity and flexibility. We’ve worked with almost every available species and finish and are still continuously amazed by wood's properties and possibilities. We even have an exclusive line of classic solid brass hardware elements available in 16 standard finishes to complement any tone. Of course, we can also cast your own designs too!

General Specifications

Please note that not all Window and Door Materials/Types/Sizes have been tested to the below referenced standards. Please speak to a Reilly Engineer to determine whether or not the Windows and Doors needed for your particular project have been tested.

UL -752 / Bullet Resisting Equipment (Levels 1 – 8)

Sound Attenuation
ASTM E90-99 Airborne Sound Transmission Loss (STC < 51)

AAMA 101/I.S. 2/NAFS / (Residential – Architectural)

Fade Resistance
Tdw / Damage Weighting Factor
(Single Glazed W/ Storm ≥ .35)
(Double Glazed ≥ .12)
(Triple Glazed ≥ .11)

NRFC 100 / U-Value
(Single Glazed W/ Storm ≥ .32)
(Double Glazed ≥ .20)
(Triple Glazed ≥ .10)

(Single Glazed W/ Storm ≥ .69)
(Double Glazed ≥ .24)
(Triple Glazed ≥ .22)

Environmentally Preferable Product (FSC Certified or Reclaimed Wood Available)
Local Production (All units manufactured in Calverton, New York)

Hurricane ASTM E1996-1885 / Impact & Cyclic Pressure Test (Missile A-E & Wind Zone 1-4)
Miami-Dade County TAS 201, 202 & 203 (Missile Impact in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone)